Performing Sewer Camera Inspections #43928 (Online/Distance Education)

Our popular sewer camera course is now online!

The objective of this course is to examine the viability and benefits of performing sewer camera inspections as a TREC Professional Home Inspector in light of the ruling changes in 2020. Inspectors will gain competence and the practical skills in how to perform sewer camera inspections on real properties, so that clients are presented with unbiased and reliable information on which to base their real estate decisions.

In addition, inspectors will explore the business and liability ramifications of performing sewer camera inspections to grow their inspection business and better serve the community at large.

Topics covered include TREC Standards of Practice, setting appropriate client expectations, protocols for performing sewer camera inspections, equipment needs, recognizing common drainpipe deficiencies, report writing and inclusion of findings in TREC form REI 7-6, client agreements and liability, as well as marketing and growing an inspection business through performing sewer camera inspections.


Availability: 984 in stock

Availability: 984 in stock

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