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Our Advanced Inspector courses prepare professional home inspectors to perform high level, advanced inspections using a holistic, customer-oriented approach.

Our aim is to improve the competency of the inspector community in basic and ancillary systems.

Inspector continuing education courses are taught live in-person or Zoom by TREC licensed Professional Real Estate Inspectors. 

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The 40-hour Texas Practicum is a pre-licensing requirement for applicants following the Substitute Experience and Education Requirements for a Real Estate or Professional Real Estate Inspector.

This course is available to students who have completed their TREC required national and state modules.

Our Practicum is lead by SITA trainers who are TREC licensed home inspectors. Current SITA students, along with candidate from any school, are welcome to join our Practicum.

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Realtor continuing education classes are offered by arrangement with realty groups and brokerages through our Growth Reps.

We are happy to provide educational services for Title and Mortgage offices as well. 

Please call the SITA office at (940) 336-7482 to schedule your next course.

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