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Raising the Standard of the Inspection Industry

How do you become a home inspector? How do you obtain your home inspector license? We're here to help!

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Providing opportunity and growth for real estate inspectors, brokers, and agents by raising the standards and status of the home inspection industry through professionalism in education and training.

Home Inspector and Real Estate Courses

Our full selection of home inspector courses and real estate courses for qualifying and continuing education can be found here – Course Selection

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Providing opportunity and super experiences
for all we serve

The home inspection industry is one of the fasting growing essential businesses. 

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Our Vision

Who We Are

"Education is not a problem. Education is an opportunity." - LBJ

Our Cause

To provide opportunity and growth from real estate inspectors, brokers, and agents by raising the standards and status of the home inspection industry through professionalism in education and training.

Our Vision

To be the premier inspection education choice for real estate professionals in North America.

Our Mission

To prepare professional realty inspectors to perform high level, advanced inspections using a holistic, customer-oriented approach.

To improve the competency of the inspector community in basic and ancillary systems.

To equip real estate brokers and agents with a greater knowledge of the value of the home inspection process in leveraging real estate transactions.

To reduce overall recruiting and training cost for all inspection companies by efficiently deploying competent inspectors into the field in order to create greater opportunity for our teams, clients, agents, and all we serve.

Learn From Industry Leaders

Super Inspectors are held to a higher standard. All instructors and course developers have extensive experience and are gifted at communication.

Learn at Your Own Pace

SITA's online learning experience allows you to progress at your own pace, while ensuring you learn the right material for application and testing.

Professional Certification

Super Inspector Training Academy provides qualifying education for licensing as well as certificates for many ancillary inspection services.

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