Inspection Protocols for Irrigation and Pool-Spa Systems (TREC #46831: 4 ICE Hours)


This CE course is being offered by In-Person or Zoom. Please see course description below for dates and class details.


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Date: June 12, 2024
Time: 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM (Central Time)
Location: 7013 S Interstate 35, Corinth, TX 76210
TREC CE Credit: 4 hours (Optional Systems)
Delivery Method: Classroom or Zoom (Please Select in Shopping Cart)

The objective of this course is to teach inspectors the routines of operating and inspecting pool/spa and irrigation systems. Participants will learn the best practices of operating the systems in normal modes across a variety of manufacturers’ controls, while also learning how to inspect the systems without damaging them. Throughout the course’s sections, participants will gain competence in identifying common deficiencies and conditions for further evaluation.



June 12th @ 9 AM to 1 PM (In-Person), June 12th @ 9 AM to 1 PM (ZOOM)


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