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What are TREC Credit Hours?

What are TREC credit hours? You’re thinking about becoming a home inspector. It sounds like a great career move. But what hours are needed to get your license in Texas? It’s just a quick 194 hours! While you can get up to 80 hours waived with an approved affidavit, those

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Can You Work as a Part-Time Home Inspector?

Can You Work as a Part-Time Home Inspector? You’ve been eyeing that “Help Wanted” sign on the lawn care truck cruising through your neighborhood and wondering if you could pick up some side work. But have you considered moonlighting as a home inspector instead? Inspecting houses on evenings and weekends

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Top Things Your Home Inspector Website Needs

High-Quality Content Creation: You need people to click on your website.  Regularly update your website with fresh content to keep visitors coming back. Keyword Optimization: Research relevant keywords for your industry and integrate them naturally into your content, including titles, headings, meta descriptions, and body text. Optimized Metadata: Craft compelling

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The Ugly Truth About Home Inspections

The Ugly Truth About Home Inspections: Part 1 The Ugly Truth About Home Inspections Part 1 When buying a home, the process can be both exciting and overwhelming, for homeowners and real estate agents. Home buyers have likely spent hours scouring listings, attending open houses, and envisioning their future in

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The Ugly Truth About Foundation Repairs in North Texas

The Ugly Truth About Foundation Repairs In North Texas The Ugly Truth About Foundation Repairs in North Texas The first thing to note when discussing foundation repairs in Texas: there are only 2 Professional Licenses in the State of Texas legally recognized to give an opinion as to the performance

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20 Things Every Homeowner Should Do To Prepare Their Home For Winter

Preparing your home for the winter season is essential to ensure comfort, safety, and cost-efficiency during the colder months. From maintaining your heating systems to addressing potential hazards, following a comprehensive winter home maintenance plan is the key to protecting your property and well-being. In this guide, we’ll explore a

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Every Type of Inspection You Can Get

Every type of inspection you can get Here’s a list of every type of inspection we can find, and a little about them! In no particular order: Mold inspection A mold inspection is a thorough assessment of a property to identify and evaluate the presence of mold, fungi, and moisture-related

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When did home inspecting become regulated?

When did Home Inspecting become regulated? Ever been on a home inspection history journey and arrived at this question? Start that journey from the beginning by looking at your state’s year of regulating home inspector licenses.  This list will alphebtically list the states, and each year listed will have a

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