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With a SITA Membership you have access to live, real-time support that can help improve your inspection services, grow your knowledge base, and build your business. We are here to help turn you into a superhero!

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$45 | $475

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Pattern v, Home Inspector License
What do I get with a membership?


You are not alone! 

Get the help you need, when you need it, from your super friends in the inspection industry.

Choose from over 20 courses focused on inspection proficiency. Mix and match from 4 and 8 credit-hour elective courses.  Live classroom and Zoom courses are scheduled monthly. Online, on-demand course available 24/7.   

All courses are approved by TREC for CE credit (TREC Provider #10402), including the mandatory Legal Ethics and SOP Review. 

New classes developed quarterly. Let us know your learning gaps and we will develop a course.

Tired of getting trolled on open forums? With SITA there is never a dumb question! We are here to learn together and lift each other up.  

Our members’ only Inspector Chat Forum is a safe space to ask questions, share pictures, and inquire about code references and the like. 

SITA instructors and trained inspectors are on hand to offer insight with unfamiliar components, research building materials and installation practices, and provide comment writing support while you’re onsite. 

In addition to your included elective course CE credits, SITA members receive a 15% discount on the purchase of any SITA course – continuing education, qualifying education, seminars or webinars.  

All SITA members receive credits for twelve (12) one-on-one 15-minute coaching sessions across the year. Utilize the sessions one-at-a-time or combine sessions for up to 45 minutes of live coaching. We will match you up with the SITA instructor, or Super Inspector team member to best meet your needs. 

Coaching topics include: comment writing, report review, growth and marketing, call center and concierge services, inspector training, and ancillary services.

SITA develops strategic partnerships with vendors who provide a variety of services in the inspection industry space. 

A SITA subscription affords members priority service when requesting and building out services with our business partners. 

Our strategic partner Super Inspector conducts weekly training sessions for benefit of its inspectors. Training focuses on improving gaps in knowledge and experience as well as inspector competency in delivering customer-focused inspections. 

SITA members have access to posted video sessions online.

How does a SITA Multi-Inspector Membership work?

As an owner, pay for a full membership. Choose the plan that works for you: $45 per month or $475 for the year. You get all the benefits of the SITA membership plan. Then add-on your team members for the simple price of $10 a month per inspector. Or add each for $95 annually and save. For example, a team of 5 (yourself and 4 inspectors) would be $85 per month or $865 for the year 

This is a game changer! Everyone on the team gets full membership benefits.

Each member of your team will get 32-hours of CE course work included with the membership. In addition, receive a 15% discount on all other course training. That includes qualifying or pre-licensing education, advance inspector training, and any customized training you want for your team. What's more, you get access to live and online spot training with the Super Inspector team.

Call us! Let's build a training program that turns your team into customer service, revenue producing super heroes.  

Each membership plan comes with twelve (12) 15-minute coaching sessions.  You can combine up to 3 time slots for a 45-minute coaching session. Yes, with the multi-inspector plan, everyone on your team gets access to the coaching: one-in-one or as a team. This is a great way to train the trainers and really accelerate growth. 

What's more, our corporate headquarters has an open door policy. If you are ever in the DFW area, stop by and talk with the team. Even better set up a special onsite visit and get what you need. 

The door is always open! Come on in and let's learn together.

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