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Super Inspector is the most 5-Star reviewed inspection company. SITA has helped train over 100 Super Inspectors to perform high level, customer-oriented real estate inspections across Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, Arizona, and Nevada. The inspection field provides the perfect laboratory to gain knowledge and build courses based on real-life experiences. SITA’s course are built by inspectors for inspectors and taught by inspectors. Our licensing practicums are aligned with Super Inspector affiliated inspectors. Together we can raise the standard of your inspection business. 

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Super Concierge can help your clients navigate the transition to a new home with utility connections, internet services, home and auto insurance, movers, pest control, and handyman repairs. Whatever the client needs we will find a solutions with a vetted contractor or vendor. No job is too big or too small. 

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Inspector Empire Builder is a strategic partner for Super Inspector and Super Inspector Training Academy. IEB’s mission is to help home inspectors build growing and thriving businesses. Becoming an Empire Builder is so much more than building a business. It’s about building a business that gives you the best that life has to offer. More time with your loved ones, more money and freedom to do things you’ve always wanted to do, experiencing adventure that others only dream about, better health and more vitality, helping and blessing other people with abundance, and living a life of joy and purpose. Discounts are available to IEB Members for pre-licensing and continuing education. We customize training as well. 

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