SITA Blogs

10 Reasons Why Home Inspections Are Important

A few of the many reasons to get a home inspection

Watts, Volts, and Amps, Ohm my!

Learn about how to calculate watts, volts, and amps.

Square D QO Load Center Panels

Find your recalled panel here

Common deficiencies found with HVAC inspections

Learn about common deficiencies with HVAC systems

Dryer Vent Safety Tips

Dryer vent safety tips to look for in your own home

Dura-Pex Plumbing Concerns

Learn about the problems with dura-pex

How Much Insulation Do I Need in my Home?

Learn about recommended insulation levels in your home

Super Inspector Finds a Noisy Ceiling Fan

Oh no, a noisy fan!

Foundation Maintenance Tips for Your Home

Foundation tips to look for in your home

What to do When The Builder Won't Cooperate

Some help for when that builder just won't fix anything

Let’s be clear about Home Inspection with Blake Williams

Blake Williams clears up ideas about home inspections

Good Inspectors Listen

David Hawkins explains how a good inspector listens to their client
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