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Super Inspector Finds a Noisy Ceiling Fan

Blake Williams, President of Super Team Services, August 20th, 2022

Blake Williams a Professional Inspector at Super Inspector Talks about noisy fans. View the video here or below.

One of the most viewed videos on our YouTube channel is a video of a noisy ceiling fan.  I thought I would take and opportunity to talk about why a fan might be noisy.

When something is not right with your ceiling fan, it can be noisy and annoying.   In this video is sounds like the ceiling fan is not responding to the controls.  The controls, or switch, installed is probably not designed for use with a ceiling fan.

This incompatibility results in a humming noise and is most frequently encountered when dimmer switches are used for ceiling fan speed control.  If you have a fan controlled by a dimmer switch, the switch should be replaced by a licensed electrician.

Another possible cause is remote controls for the fan. If the receiver is bad, the signal is weak and a humming noise can result.  You can isolate this problem by removing the receiver and connect the fan directly to the power source.  If the humming stops, that was the problem.

If the problem persists after removing the receiver, then a bad capacitor may be the issue. This lowers the voltage level causing the fan to make a humming noise. This can also occur if the circuit is overloaded with multiple ceiling fans or other electrical appliances.  A licensed electrician should be consulted if this is the issue.

Always make sure that ceiling mounts, fan mounts, and motor mounts are securely fastened.  If you need help contact a licensed electrician.

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