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Dura-Pex Plumbing Concerns

Blake Williams, President of Super Team Services, July 19th, 2022

  • Concerns:

    Please, be aware of a product lawsuit concerning Dura-Pex piping.  Potential leaks from pin holes and failed connections.   From what I have read these are houses built before 2008.  See the attached image for identification.  If any of you have more information, please share and all be on the lookout and report as possible defect for further evaluation.

    “The piping system has been identified as Dura-Pex.  This piping system is suspected of being defective.  Leaks and failed connections are being related to these systems. The system should be inspected and evaluated by a licensed plumber to determine if remediation is necessary.”

The original article can be found below here.

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