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Reward Yourself After Retirement With A Home Inspection Career

Are you retired or close to but not ready? Who wants to sit around the house without an aim anyways? Today I’m going to explain why Home Inspecting is the best career for those who continually like to learn, move around, and make good money. I’ll be doing this in a system of questions and answers.

6 Questions about becoming a home inspector close to retirement.

Is home inspecting a flexible easy part-time job?
Yes it is! Many home inspectors work part-time and only weekends. Whether you work on your own or with a firm, real estate never sleeps.

What is the earning potential of a home inspector?

With the average inspection fee ranging from $400 to $700 you can earn a lot of money inspecting! If you were to start your own business then the income potential is practically limitless, just depends on your ability to scale your business.

How does a background in construction a affect me getting a license?

The Texas Real Estate Commission does offer reduced hours should you provide an affidavit of at least 3 years of employment in the construction field. However, to pass the national home inspectors exam, SITA recommends taking all the hours that you can to increase your chances of passing your state and national exams.

Is prior experience necessary to become a home inspector?

Not at all! While it can help, some of the most successful inspectors have no prior construction experience. Knowledge can be learned and memorized. It’s not rocket science!

How long does home inspection training take?
Depends on the requirements of your state. Some states require hours and ride-alongs, some states do not have any requirements! Expect 3-6 months in license states.

Is home inspecting enjoyable?
Depends on the person of course, and there’s several things that are rewarding that you will do while inspecting. Some people very much enjoy the client and agent interaction.  Some love the technical side and keeping current on code and building practices.

What are the challenges of a career in home inspecting?

Is Home Inspecting physically demanding?
It is recommended an inspector be able to fit into crawl spaces, walk roofs, climb ladders, and move at fairly swift pace. I’ve seen inspectors range from age 21 to almost 70! Of course this also  on your area, colder areas can be tough, as well as quite warm areas such as Arizona. Also know that home inspecting is much less physically demanding than general contracting, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical.

Is it tough to stay current on knowledge of systems?
Tough for the average person? Maybe. Tough for someone who likes construction? Not at all! Additionally, if you’re serious about home inspecting, you should expect to need to make time to stay current on things like IBC, NEC and other code councils.

What is the challenge of competition in the home inspection industry?

This is a new and exciting time in the home inspecting industry! For decades Home inspecting has been vastly single operators. We are currently in the time of moving to firms, with some of them having 50+ inspectors. This gives you the option of either working for a firm or working by yourself!

How do I Start a Career in Home Inspecting?

What is the first step to starting a career in home inspecting?

Like any career change, you must be 100% bought if you expect success. Once that’s been decided, the next steps are easy. Research your state requirements, likely there are multiple schools in your state that offer state-approved education.

Is Passing the National Home Inspector Exam Necessary?

Some state do require you to pass the national home inspector exam (NHIE), while some others prefer a different test. There are states like Texas that also require a state law & standards of practice test.

Should I work on my own or for a company?
This is a personal decision. Like to make friends with new people? You might have the skills and enjoy earning business from realtors and clients. More of an introvert? It might work better to hire or outsource your marketing.

What Are Some Tips for Succeeding as a Home Inspector?

What Role Does Networking Play in a Home Inspection Career?

Networking with real estate agents in your community is incredibly important! Building relationships with agents is the best way for you to generate both business and referrals.

Why is having a website important for Home inspecting?

Creating a website to allow people to schedule inspections is imperative! Do you want to answer the phone all the time to schedule while you’re with other clients, or in a crawlspace? No! Save yourself the trouble and make a good website.

Do I Have to be Active on Social Media?

It would be ideal! Being active on social media platforms enables you to engage with an audience and share testimonials of what a wonderful job you do!

Why is getting certified in additional services beneficial for a home inspector?

By obtaining cert’s as in mold or radon, you’re able to shorten the process of home buying which realtors love! Additionally, it’s likely your competition is already doing it.

Should you ask for recommendations?
Yes it’s common practice to ask for reviews! Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals and recommendations while doing inspection reviews with your client and agent.

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