Home Inspector Training Steps

Follow These Easy Steps to Become a Home Inspector in Massachusetts

Complete online home inspector training

The state of Massachusetts requires you take an approved 75 hour course to become a home inspector.

Complete in person home inspector ride-alongs

You must complete 25 ride along inspections to become a home inspector.

Pass the National Home Inspector Exam

To get your home inspector license, Maryland does not require you to pass the national home inspector exam.

Apply for your home inspector license

To get your home inspector license in Massachusetts, go through the Massachusetts Division of Occupational License.

Complete your Continuing Education for your Massachusetts License

Find a Continuing Education Provider

12 Hours of Continuing Education is required every 2 years.

Individual Membership

$125 | $450

Quarterly or Annual
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How long does it take to get your home inspector license in Massachusetts?

Expect at least 2-6 months for your home inspector license training. This of course can change based on situation, but those who work regular hours should expect at least this much time to acquire your home inspector license.

How much does a home inspector in Massachusetts make?

The average home inspection salary in Massachusetts is $60,311. However, is the salary the only factor you should consider? Value of the dollar, income adjusted by the cost of living, real estate transactions, these are all things you should consider when looking at starting your business. Read our article to see how your state ranks, #2 will surprise you!

How Long Does It Take To Acquire A Home Inspector License In Massachusetts?

There’s no state that requires more than a year of training. Most requirements take 2-6 months to complete. What’s important is to make a decision! If you’re going to take the dive into starting your home inspection business, start your education today!

Should I take an exam preparation course in Massachusetts?

If you pay for a school and can’t pass the NHIE and State exams, then are you choosing the right school? We at Super Inspector Training Academy believe if you go through our classes, then you should be able to pass any tests we prepare you for. If you finish our courses and are still nervous, we encourage you to re-take our finals. Find the TREC Inspector school pass rate here.

Should I Start My Home Inspection Business in Massachusetts?

You’re going to be successful if you commit to it and learn the best business building practices. If you want to find the state with the biggest bang for your buck, check out our in-depth article: Home Inspector Salary State-by-State. We have multiple criteria that is both ranked and graded so you can decide which state would be best for your home inspection business!

Requirements for a Home Inspector License in Massachusetts

State Requirements

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To Obtain a Home Inspector License in Massachusetts, You Must Complete:

  • Complete 75 hours of classroom training to become approved by the Massachusetts Board of Registration of Home Inspectors.
  • Take and pass the National Home Inspectors Exam.
  • Complete 25 directly supervised inspections with a Massachusetts licensed home inspector.
  • Provide proof of Errors and Omissions Insurance.
Other directions can be found at this link.

For more information visit the Massachusetts website.

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