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Congratulations on reaching the final exam for Property & Building Inspection Module 2!

Please click the login button (above right) to associate this exam with your SITA account.

Please carefully review the requirements on this and the following page before proceeding with your exam session.  You may experience errors with your exam if instructions are not followed.



Per TREC requirements, any exams taken without a proctor will not be accepted. You must use the virtual proctoring system in order for your test to be validated.


Super Inspector Training Academy – SITA partners with Proctor 360 for third party final exam proctoring.  Using a combination of AI technology and human proctoring, Proctor 360 prevents cheating attempts during online testing as well as monitors and controls students’ behavior during the testing process. Video recordings are made of each exam session and stored in a cloud server. Human proctors review AI flags in the videos to validate student behavior and exam results.

At initial logon, students’ identities are verified by facial features and photo ID via Proctor 360 AI, then double-checked by SITA.

Student must then agree to Proctor 360 Rules and System Requirements.

Once the exam has begun, the Proctor 360 AI technology monitors students’ behaviors and actions during the examination and flags behaviors that are considered possible cheating. The Proctor 360 dashboard allows education providers to set the preferred cheating behaviors as well as the strength of score. Example of flaggable behaviors include, but are not limited to:

  • Gaze Detection
  • Speech Detection
  • Absence of the Person
  • Unauthorized Persons
  • Web Brower Tab Change
  • Earphone Usage
  • Smartphone Usage

All flags are reviewed by SITA/Proctor 360 human proctors for verification and validation.

Once the tests are reviewed and deemed clear of academic dishonesty students will receive their exam grade and course completion certificate.

If an exam session is invalidated, students will be contacted directly for further inquiry and to set up exam retakes as necessary.

As a reminder, your SITA Student Enrollment Agreement include the following Proctoring Terms and Conditions:

Proctor 360 Proctoring System Terms and Conditions

  1. Regulations for testing

After logging into Proctor 360 Proctoring System using an internal account or partner’s platform account, you (the User) will receive access to the list of available tests/exams where you may select an available exam or perform other actions according to your Institution’s regulations.

After choosing the test/exam, you will be taken through the identification process according to the instructions of the system and the Proctor.

After successful identification, Proctor 360 Proctoring System will give you access to the test/exam.

During the test/exam, Proctor 360 Proctoring System will record all your actions, the desktop of PC/device and transfer these recordings to your Institution for subsequent review.

  • User Requirements

The User agrees not to pass the access details of their account to third parties.

The User must provide all the conditions required by Proctor 360 Proctoring System:

      • Adequate lighting
      • A low noise environment
      • A document identifying the User
      • No interference in the transmission of the video and audio signal
      • Fulfillment of technical requirements for the User’s equipment (see below)

The User agrees that the person whose ID and image were stored in Proctor 360 Proctoring System after the first login is the owner of the account in Proctor 360 Proctoring System.

The User must use their original ID for identification.

The User must not leave the observed zone of their webcam during the test.

The User must keep the microphone switched-on during the test/exam.

During the test/exam, the User agrees to use only one display device (a monitor, a TV, a projector), one keyboard, one pointing device (a computer mouse, TrackPoint, etc.)

The User is not allowed to resort to third party assistance during the test/exam.

The User is not allowed to provide access to their computer to third parties during the test/exam.

The User is not allowed to participate in conversations with third parties, to use reference materials (books, cheat sheets, audio recordings), cell phones, pagers, calculators, tablets and computers, except the one that is used directly during the test.

The User agrees that the Proctor has the right to terminate the testing process in the event of breaking these Rules or violations of ethical standards by the User.

  • Requirements for the User’s equipment

OS Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Mac OS 10.9 and higher

Google Chrome web browser (latest version)

Working and switched-on webcam (including built-in cameras in laptops)

Working and switched-on microphone (including built-in microphones in laptops)

Stable internet connection with data rates of not less than 1 Mbps



Per TREC requirements, any exams taken without a proctor will not be accepted. 

For all issues with the proctor360 program please submit a ticket to: https://support.proctor360.com/help/365012637

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