Requirements for a Home Inspector License in Connecticut

State Requirements

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The Connecticut State Department of Consumer Protection requires individuals to apply for a Home Inspector Intern Permit before applying for a Home Inspector’s License.


To apply for an initial permit, you must:

  • Have successfully completed high school or its equivalent.
  • Have successfully completed a board-approved training program that meets the. requirements of regulations adopted by the commissioner pursuant to Section 20-491 – Regulations; of the General Statutes (must submit copy of course completion certificate with application).
  • Have an identified supervisor who: (A) is licensed as a home inspector in Connecticut, (B) is in good standing with the state as a home inspector, and (C) has agreed to perform supervisory functions as described in General Statutes and Regulations.

To become a licensed home inspector in Connecticut, you must:

  • Have earned a Home Inspector Intern Permit.
  • Have performed not less than one hundred home inspections under the supervision of a licensed Home Inspector – the associated logs, signed by the Supervisor, must be submitted with the application. Such supervision shall be direct supervision for a minimum of the first ten inspections, and then may be indirect for the remaining training period.
  • Have passed written examination administered by the Department. NOTE: You will be given information about taking the exam once this application has been accepted.

For more information, visit the Department of Consumer Protection website for Home Inspectors.

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