TREC Realtor – Navigating the Curves – HVAC Edition (Classroom/Zoom) – #47588


TREC Realtor CE Course #47588 (1-hour credit)

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To help Realtors to have a better understanding of what to look for on an inspection report with emphasis on the HVAC section. How the results of the inspection report pertain to what Home Warranty companies look for when determining coverage. Additionally, the student will gain a high-level understanding of EPA mandated phase-outs and how they can have an effect on the negotiation process and potential warranty coverage after closing. Understanding the way home warranties work and how to best protect yourself and your clients based on the current options in the marketplace. What are standard coverage options and limitations and what do the terms and conditions truly mean. The student will obtain a high-level understanding of what common deficiencies are, how they could be indicated on the inspection report and how the warranty company will view them when determining coverage.  

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