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Pre-Listing Inspection

Blake Williams, President of Super Team Services, October 18th, 2022

One of the best ways to make your home stand out in the marketplace is to schedule a Pre-Listing inspection. During the current climate of social distancing, a Pre-Listing inspection can uniquely position your listing for virtual sale.

Take control! Whether you are preparing to put your home on the market or already have it actively listed, a Pre-Listing Inspection can put you in charge of when someone is entering your home and eliminates the stress of having to vacate your home at a moment’s notice.

Schedule a Pre-Listing inspection with one of our licensed and highly trained Super Inspectors and we will help you identify priority repairs through our industry-best online reports. Our integrated report tools will even allow you to document completed improvements for potential buyers. All of which puts the leverage back in the hands of the seller.

You get to decided which repairs are made within your budget, no surprises. Our partner company Super Home Checkup and Renovations can even save you money through their handyman and make ready services. We’ll help you control when repair personnel enter your home.

Best of all, protect your asking price by disclosing the condition of your house up front. Often times prospective buyers do not order a third-party inspection if the seller can produce a current inspection report and have shown responsibility for making necessary repairs.

It’s a proven fact, homes with a Pre-Listing inspection sell faster and for more money!

Take control, call Super Inspector today!

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