Inspector QE – Distance Education Course Evaluation Form

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Texas Real Estate Commission

P.O. Box 12188

Austin, Texas 78711-2188

Phone: (512) 936-3000

Please select the course you attended
1. Course policies and procedures were clearly presented.
2. After completing this course, my knowledge in this topic has increased.
3. My identity was verified throughout the course.
4. This course increased my interest in similar real estate topics.
5. An instructor was available to answer questions.
6. Instructor response to questions was quick and thorough.
7. This course provides opportunities for students to engage and interact.
8. Tools, such as quizzes and exercises, were included in the course content.
9. There was sufficient content and materials provided in this course.
10. I would recommend this course to others.
11. I would take another course from this education provider.
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