The Customer-Service Orientation Agreement

The customer-service orientation and “Yes!” mindset.

To be customer service oriented is to put the customer’s needs and desires first. Many inspectors in the industry put what they think to be their liability coverage first. We at SITA want to improve industry standards and customer satisfaction by raising the level of inspections. 

By raising the level of inspection and providing a great customer experience an inspector can better cover themselves from liability. This starts with the “Yes!” mindset.

Questions like “Do you offer radon services?” or “Can you put that in the report please?” should have one of these three answers.

“Yes of course!”
“I’m happy to schedule that service for you”

“Great idea, I have a plan to get you what you need.”

Of course, the best customer service anticipates a customer’s needs and desires and is prepared to offer before they are requested. In times that is not done, the “Yes!” mindset fills in the rest. Just like Apple wants you in a closed system so they can offer you every technology service and product to keep your purchases in-house. From start to finish, the client or agent should be able to make one call, and the rest is taken care of by your services.

We understand every business cannot offer the one-stop shop model. Especially single operators. What we want to see and you agree to by advertising this certification is that you are of the mindset to take care of the client and let that be your liability coverage, not hiding behind an SOP. Making every attempt to go beyond the SOP. Walk the roof, spend an extra 5 minutes in the crawl space and attic, get proficient in drain-scope usage and inspector ancillary systems. Above all, make sure there’s no surprises for the client upon move in and beyond.

Any successful inspector can confirm this approach of thinking of the customer experience first will both decrease your liability and result in more business. Realtors will know you are able to respond and act appropriately should anything after the inspection come up. Lastly, all studies show, if you take care of a client’s problems properly, they are much more likely to spend high amounts of money with you and refer you to their friends.

Take this pledge with us. Follow the customer-service oriented approach and “Yes!” mindset. Let’s go out and make a great name for the inspection industry so client’s can make the most well-informed decision when making the biggest purchase of their life.