Please review the instructions below before taking your exam.  This will ensure your test-taking experience is smooth.

A. Install Chrome Proctor 360 Extension

If you have not installed the Proctor 360 Chrome extension please follow the steps to install the extension are below.






























B. Log in to SITA


1. Click on the Log In button on the right side of the screen.  Enter your SITA username and password.


2. Enter your SITA username and password and click Log In.


3. Once you’ve logged in, you will be taken to your exam.  Review the instructions and take your exam.


C. Completing your Exam and Closing the Exam Tab


1. Once you have completed your exam, click on “Finish Quiz“.


2. You will need to scroll to the top of the tab to end the exam session.  Use the scroll bar on the far right to scroll to the top of the tab.  


3. Click on “Close Session” to end the proctoring session and complete your exam.


4. You will then be notified that the Exam has been completed.  IF YOU DO NOT SEE THIS, YOUR PROCTOR SESSION IS STILL LIVE!






5. To ensure that the exam does not continue to record your screen, if you have any other tabs open (you should not have any other tabs open during your Proctored exam) you will need to click “Reload” to reload the other tabs. This ensures your privacy post-exam.







When you have adequate time and are ready to proceed, click the START QUIZ button below.