RICE – TXLESOP: MODULE 6 – HVAC Standards Overview – §535.230


The standard covers three primary areas: heating equipment, cooling equipment; and ducts systems, chases, and vents.

(a)Heating equipment
  1. General requirements. The inspector shall:
    1. Report:
      1. The type of heating systems; and
      2. The energy sources; and
    2. Report as Deficient:
      1. Inoperative units;
      2. Deficiencies in the thermostats;
      3. Inappropriate location;
      4. The lack of protection from physical damage;
      5. Burners, burner ignition devices or heating elements, switches, and thermostats that are not a minimum of 18 inches above the lowest garage floor elevation, unless the unit is listed for garage floor installation;
      6. The absence of an opening that would allow access to equipment for inspection, service, repair or replacement without removing permanent construction or building finish;
      7. When applicable; a floored passageway and service platform that would allow access for equipment
      8. Deficiencies in mounting and performance of window and wall units.
  2. Requirements for electric units. The inspector shall report deficiencies in:
    1. Performance of heat pumps;
    2. Performance of heating elements; and
    3. Condition of conductors; and
  3. Requirements for gas units. The inspector shall report as Deficient:
    1. Gas leaks in the heating equipment not associated with the gas distribution system;
    2. Flame impingement, uplifting flame, improper flame color, or excessive scale buildup; and
    3. Deficiencies in:
      1. Combustion, and dilution air; and
      2. The vent pipe, draft hood, draft, proximity to combustibles, and vent termination point and clearances.
(b)Cooling equipment
  1. Requirements for cooling units other than evaporative coolers
    1. (A) the inspector shall: