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How To Become A Home Inspector In Texas

How to Become a Home Inspector in Texas.

I’m Wyatt Williams, and I’ll be giving the most in depth guide I possibly can on how to acquire a Home Inspector License in Texas. For a very quick guide, check out our state requirements page here.

We’ll go over types of licenses, the requirements for education of each of the 3 licenses, steps to apply through the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC), and how to fill out the application

Step 1: Start at the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) Website:

First, you’ll need to visit the Texas Real Estate Commission website (TREC). Click the drop-down menu, and select Professional License.

There are 3 different license levels available through TREC.

Apprentice Inspector: With this level, you’re basically a trainee and need direct supervision (a professional inspector must be on the inspection with you). The only requirements are to be 18, and meet TREC’s qualifications for honesty, trustworthiness, and integrity.

Real Estate Inspector: This level is a quicker way to get your license if you know you’ll be working under someone or with a multi-inspector firm. You must be indirectly supervised, meaning that your reports are reviewed by your sponsoring Professional Inspector.

Professional Real Estate Inspector: This is the most common home inspector license in Texas to get and our Super Inspector Training Academy team almost always recommend. The modules that you will need to complete include the following:

Step 2: Complete Your License’s Required Training Modules and Practicum:

Now onto your schooling. We at SITA have found the average time to complete all modules is about 2-4 months depending on your schedule and availability.

An example of the courses inside the training modules include:

Practicum hours can be done at any time during your inspection schooling, which you can submit your request for credit here.

Step 3: Complete Your Application and Pay the Required Fees:

With all that complete you should now complete you TREC application. TREC limits you to a 1-year window after you submit your initial application, so we recommend that you complete your schooling beforehand. The completion of a criminal background history may also be required. You can find the links to each application and the fee schedule to apply below:

Apprentice Inspector Application Link – $60 in total fees

Real Estate Application Link – $100 in total fees

Professional Inspector Application Link – $120 in total fees

Step 4: Schedule Your Licensing Exam:

With application, fee, and coursework sent in. TREC will then send you a number to give PearsonVUE to schedule your exams, and a TREC ID to submit your fingerprints. You can schedule your fingerprints here.

Texas requires a Legal and Ethics, and Standards of Practice exam. 35 questions with plenty of time.

The national exam is provided by NHIE. Its 200 questions and again plenty of time to take it. Should you need, they have exam prep courses.

But wait there’s more! The Inspection Recovery Fund needs $10 from you. Make sure to only pay this after your exam.

Yes, you must make a check or provide $10 cash and mail it to TREC at this address:

Texas Real Estate Commission, P.O. Box 12188, Austin, TX 78711.

Step 5: Obtain the Required Insurance:

ONE LAST STEP: You must fill out the TREC Certificate of Insurance form, or Proof of Financial Responsibility to documents@trec.texas.gov

TREC requires Errors and Omission insurance, and General liability. Inspector Pro is a company dedicated to providing insurance for Home Inspectors.

In Summary:

All in all, there are some tedious steps, but I reckon you can get it done. Here are the macro steps:

Finish your school work, submit your TREC application at fee, send in fingerprints and schedule your test, pass your exams, and get some insurance. Should you compare this to getting licenses like Electrical, Plumbing, or HVAC, you will think this is a piece of cake. Home Inspecting is one of the best kept job secrets. Now go out and get that license!

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