SITA Inspector Advanced Training – Spectora Basics (4-Hour)

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Inspector Continuing Education Course Instructions


STOP!  Continuing Education courses may not be approved for CE credit in your state.  If you intend to receive continuing education credits hours, please contact a SITA representative at 940-336-7482 to be sure the course is approved in your state prior to starting the first lesson.  No refunds will be issued after the course has been started.


Any reference to Super Inspector in this course material is representative of how you may market inspections and services taught in this course.  In no way is Super Inspector Training Academy marketing, recommending or requiring students use the services of Super Inspector.


Thank you for trusting Super Inspector Training Academy – SITA with your education. To ensure you have the best online education experience, please carefully review the materials in the Overview & Course Objectives section below.

  • Student MaterialsContinuing education course material will be provided throughout the course.  These documents are available for download should you wish to retain them for reference.
  • Course Timed Outline – Most licensing bodies require a minimum amount of time spent per topic and assignment.  Reference the timed outline to understand the specific time requirements of each respective Module, Lesson and Topic.
Course Progressions

Per licensing body requirements, course modules are set to specific course completion standards. Please carefully review the following progression requirements prior to proceeding.

  • Lesson Timers – Timers are enabled in each lesson and students will be logged out after 10 minutes of inactivity.  Students receive a 60 second warning prior to being logged out of their session automatically.  Students must actively scroll through the lessons while reading and studying. Time spent studying outside of the online course will not receive time credit. Remember, for most licensing bodies, the times set are minimum times.  Your study time may exceed this minimum.
  • Inactive Logout – Some governing bodies require students to remain active when taking courses remotely.  Courses are set with an automatic logout after a 10 minutes of inactivity. You will receive a notification 60 seconds prior to being logged out.  If you are logged out due to inactivity, your course position will be retained within each module.
  • Linear course progression – Within specific course modules, lesson, assignments, and quizzes must be complete in sequential fashion to proceed.
Study Tips

To maximize use of the time required, we suggest the following study habits:

Course Lessons

  • Watch Online Videos – When provided, video content is required material and must be watched fully.  Controls have been disabled.  You must watch the entire video before you will be permitted to advance to the next section.  Some videos may not retain your last location within the video.  Please block off enough time to watch the entire video segment.  We have attempted to keep the videos in segments of roughly one-hour blocks.
  • Follow PPT Slide Deck – Print-out and follow the Slide Deck, take notes as needed.

If at any time you have questions or encounter technical issues, please do not hesitate to contact us at or 940-336-SITA (7482).

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